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ONTRAS Group dismayed and concerned about Russia’s attack on Ukraine: “We feel with the people and hope the war ends soon.”

War against a sovereign country in the heart of 21st century Europe – something we would have been unable to imagine up until only a few days ago. We are deeply dismayed by the human suffering caused by Russia’s military strike and strongly condemn Russia’s war of aggression in the heart of Europe. Our thoughts, sympathy and solidarity are with the people of Ukraine who are bravely opposing the Russian army’s invasion, threatened with injury and death, and driven to flee their own country.

Since ONTRAS was founded in 2006, we have also been working and exchanging ideas with our Russian and Ukrainian colleagues, for example on issues of dispatching and cross-border gas transport. We also have employees with families and friends in Russia and Ukraine.

Gas supply currently secure, long-term development difficult to predict

Our gas infrastructure is a reliable component of the German energy industry. As the operator of the eastern German transmission system, we play a key role in maintaining security of supply as part of our responsibility for the system. We take this responsibility imposed on us by the legislator very seriously.
Nobody can predict how the situation will evolve. Events are not currently impacting Russian gas supplies to Germany, and gas flows from Russia, including via Ukraine, have been running in accordance with contracts to date. If supplies are cut off – either because Russia no longer delivers, as recently threatened by Russia’s deputy head of government, or because an embargo is imposed on imports of Russian natural gas – current knowledge suggests that the gas supply in our network area will still be secured for the coming months.
With a view to the coming winter, we are intensively analysing how the gas flows within Europe would change in the event of a loss of Russian gas volumes and how we can handle these tasks with our infrastructure.
We will continue to push ahead intensively with our hydrogen projects in an effort to contribute to decarbonising the energy industry as quickly as possible.
We call on the Russian government: End your war of aggression against Ukraine, which violates international law. Come back to the negotiating table without imposing unilateral preconditions. Our own history is proof of the fact that we can only achieve peace through dialogue.

Ralph Bahke

Managing Director ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH

Uwe Ringel

Managing Director ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH

Dirk Pohle

Managing Director GDMcom GmbH

Dr. Ulf Kreienbrock

Managing Director
INFRACON Infrastruktur Service GmbH & Co. KG

Frank Rößler

Managing Director MoviaTec GmbH

Dr. Andreas Hartke

Managing Director Geomagic GmbH

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