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Biogas Suppliers

Information for biogas suppliers

ONTRAS has been operating biogas feed-in facilities to supply biomethane in various capacities since 2009. 23 biogas facilities are currently connected to the ONTRAS gas pipeline network. Together, they feed around 15 percent of the biomethane produced in Germany into our network. 

ONTRAS Einspeisung Biogas

Network connection requests

The regulations under Section 33 of the Gas Network Access Regulation (GasNZV) apply for a network connection. If you are interested in connecting a biogas treatment plant to the network, we ask that you notify us of your plans at the earliest possible stage. Please use the data sheet for network connection requests for biogas feed-in, which includes information on the location as well as on the volume, availability and gas quality.

Your contact at ONTRAS as existing customer

Franziska Fuhrmann
Franziska Fuhrmann
Head of Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111-2341
Steffen Hesse
Steffen Hesse
Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111-2904

Your contact at ONTRAS as new customer

Christian Decker
Christian Decker
Technical Asset Management Tel: +49 341 27111-2552
Sven Kalmeier
Sven Kalmeier
Technical Asset Management Tel: +49 341 27111-5872

Important documents (in German)

Datenblatt Netzanschlussbegehren Biogaseinspeisung
pdf / 284.98 KB
Netzanschluss- und Anschlussnutzungsvertrag
pdf / 395.22 KB
Muster Realisierungsfahrplan
pdf / 124.59 KB