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Group Companies

Innovative solutions, future-oriented concepts.
The ONTRAS Group companies.

Together with its four subsidiaries, ONTRAS connects energy and information systems as well as people for a climate-neutral, digital and diverse world.


INFRACON specialises in high-pressure gas plants and green gases, providing consulting, planning and construction services for gas plants as well as plant management.

Core competencies:

  • Planning and construction of pipelines, pipeline networks and plants
  • Maintenance and repair of gas plants
  • Engineering services and technical safety management
  • Green gases: analysis, planning, implementation

Website of INFRACON


GEOMAGIC develops individual IT solutions for operators of transport and supply networks on the German and international market.

Core competencies:

  • Software solutions for mapping complex process landscapes
  • Asset management for plant and network operators, energy suppliers and service providers
  • Education and training

Website of GEOMAGIC


GDMcom ensures the reliable documentation of supply media and creates powerful, individual telecommunications solutions. The company plans, erects, manages and documents the technical infrastructure for buildings, plants and wide area networks.

Core competencies:

  • Planning cable systems and telecommunication networks
  • Erecting technical infrastructure for telecommunication solutions
  • Operation and service of line networks and plants
  • Documentation

Website of GDMcom


MoviaTec is focussed on gas-based fuels and plans, erects and operates filling stations for CNG, LNG and hydrogen.

Core competencies:

  • Operation of gas filling stations and facilities that support mobility
  • Consulting and agency services
  • New builds and optimisation of filling stations
  • Relocation and demolition of facilities

Website of MoviaTec