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Needs-based, cost-optimised procurement with legal certainty.

ONTRAS Leitungsbau

Our commitment

Our work is based on “social, economic and ecological” sustainability principles that are a key focus in our product group and supplier management. 
The following product groups are an integral part of our procurement activities:

  • Engineering
  • Pipeline and construction services
  • Plant engineering
  • Material
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Indirect procurement

The success of ONTRAS depends largely on the performance and reliability of our suppliers. We are therefore constantly on the search for the best partners for successful, long-term collaboration. If you enjoy developing new and innovative ideas, carefully manage costs and have high quality standards, you have exactly what it takes for a close customer-supplier relationship. 
We invite you to apply to become an ONTRAS supplier and help shape the energy revolution together with us. You can find information on the registration process in our Registration Process and Onboarding Manual under “Important documents”. 

This takes you to our procurement portal.

Your contact at ONTRAS

Mona Steffens-Wernicke
Mona Steffens-Wernicke
Head of Procurement Tel: +49 341 27111-2214
Jacqueline Frey
Jacqueline Frey
Contact for Upper Threshold Contracts Tel: +49 341 27111-5944
Ulrike Jansen
Ulrike Jansen
Contact for Service Customers in Procurement Management Tel: +49 341 27111-5837

Important documents