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Requirement for successful nomination

The basis for nomination at the points for which nomination is required is a successful communication test between the balance responsible party and ONTRAS. This includes:

  • Coordination of the data format to be used: edig@s messages, EDIFACT messages
  • Coordination and establishment of the communication channel to be used: AS4 or AS2
  • Provision of the following customer data: market partner ID and 24/7 contact details (email, telephone number)

The communication test has been successful if messages were exchanged without errors. The test must be carried out in good time prior to the planned utilisation of the nomination. The use of single-sided nomination by each balancing group requires prior consultation.

Use of the nomination portal

The ONTRAS portal can no longer be used for regular nomination messages (see currently valid cooperation agreement). ONTRAS only offers this portal as an alternative communication channel if the relevant nomination systems are restricted or fail.

Your questions on the topic nomination

Prerequisites for Nomination

What are the preconditions for nomination?

Nominations are possible after a successful communication test. This includes an agreement on the message format and the communication path. Successful nomination processing requires capacities in the balancing group.

How long does it take to successfully implement a communication link?

The implementation of the communication connection can take up to 10 working days.

Which formats does ONTRAS offer for nomination?

ONTRAS offers the following nomination formats:

  • Edigas XML (in accordance with the current version, which is published on
  • Edifact (in accordance with the current version, which is published on

Which communication paths does ONTRAS offer?

The following communication paths are used by ONTRAS:

  • AS2 (until 01.02.2018)
  • AS4

Which network point ID can be used in the nomination?

The following network point IDs can be used:

  • EIC
  • IDs published on PRISMA
  • A bilateral agreement is also possible


Nomination process

At which points are nominations required?

Nominations are necessary for all market area and cross border points as well as network points to strage facilities.

Where can you find the ID of the network point?

The network point ID is published on following pages:

  • PRISMA (
  • ENTSOG (

Which role has ONTRAS in the single-sided nomination process?

ONTRAS is the active TSO at all interconnection points.

How to get the information regarding the renomination restriction?

ONTRAS sends a CHACAP message at the request of the balancing group manager.

What is the emergency process, if the standard communication path fails?

If the standard communication path fails, the nomination can be carried out via nomination portal or in coordination with the dispatching center.

What is the lead time for nominations?

The nomination can be carried out with a lead time of two hours to the next full hour.

Are Day-Ahead and Within-Day capacities subject to a re-nomination restriction?

There are no renomination restrictions for Day-Ahead and Within-Day capacities according to KARLA 1.1.

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Rona Janzen
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