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Pipeline Information

Pipeline research and information on the BIL platform

Are you planning or intending to carry out construction work near our infrastructure? If so, please obtain the necessary pipeline information in good time before starting any construction work.

ONTRAS Technik

Damage to underground pipeline systems caused by third parties is the most common cause of pipeline damage. The number of pipeline operators is increasing, which is exacerbating the problem of establishing contact with all relevant pipeline operators during construction projects.

Builders or contractors can now submit their pipeline enquiry on the BIL platform, the national, central and free service portal for pipeline research. BIL endeavours to work together with all market participants and will provide the construction industry with an end-to-end digital workflow for dealing with construction enquiries in the future.

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Verhaltensregeln und Vorschriften zum Schutz von Anlagen der ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH
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