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Sustainability Program

Our sustainability programme

To us, sustainability stands for economically, environmentally and socially aware operation that allows current and future generations to look forward to comparable or better living conditions. To realise this responsibility, we optimise the use of resources and reduce harmful effects on the environment and society. We are focussed on four fields of action in which our activities have the greatest impact on the environment and society.

Energy and climate

  • Reduce energy consumption as well as gas consumption at our plants as well as fuel and electricity consumption
  • Avoid emissions—ensure CO2-neutral gas transport by 2050


People and society

  • Motivate employees to provide work of the highest quality
  • Establish attentive work methods and continuous improvements
  • Ensure safe collaboration with service providers and partners
  • Encourage training and research
  • Preserve social and cultural values

Natural environment

  • Minimise interventions in ecosystems
  • Compensate effects on domestic ecosystems
  • Implement sustainable layouts at our sites that contribute to preserving biodiversity as well as natural habitats

Material and waste

  • Optimise the use of materials and other resources
  • Protect natural resources
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Reduce waste and support recycling
ONTRAS Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm

Our sustainability report

Each of these fields of action are based on specific targets, metrics and measures for 2017, 2020 and 2025—our first sustainability programme was set up back in 2015. The sustainability report published in 2020 provides a comprehensive overview of the results of these measures.

Your contact at ONTRAS

Pierre Scheller
Pierre Scheller
Head of QHSEE

Important documents (in German)

ONTRAS Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2020
pdf / 2.23 MB
ONTRAS Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm
pdf / 1.05 MB