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Capacity Booking

Successfully book capacities

Gas transport in the ONTRAS network is started by booking capacities using a booking platform. The following requirements must first be met:


Application for an EIC code (via the DVGW)


Registration on the capacity booking platform 

  • RBP with registration form (only for bookings at the GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/ONTRAS network point), Formular

Conclusion of a balancing group contract with Trading Hub Europe


Communication of bank and tax details to ONTRAS via this form


Submission of the proof of authority to act on behalf of the company as well as the audited financial statements in accordance with our network access conditions (section downloads)


Setting up of the balancing group via the ONTRAS customer portal (after successful activation on a capacity booking platform)


Successful communication test with ONTRAS (section nomination)


Registration in CEREMP of BNetzA and the addition of the EIC-code in the company profile 


Capacity booking and inclusion in a balancing group on the relevant capacity platform

Do you have any questions?

You can reach us on:

+49 341 27111 - 4545

Your contact at ONTRAS

Diana Fries
Diana Fries
Head of Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-2167 Mobil: +49 151 11359647
Mathias Hampel
Mathias Hampel
Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-5878 Mobil: +49 172 3431880
Julia Pola
Julia Pola
Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-2271 Mobil: +49 172 4431291
Eliane Zlotowski
Eliane Zlotowski
Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-2755 Mobil: +49 151 11359613
Tatiana Dubberstein
Tatiana Dubberstein
Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-2340 Mobil: +49 172 3431538
Felix Thiele
Felix Thiele
Capacity Marketing and Cooperation Tel: +49 341 27111-2679 Mobil: +49 151 58025767

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Important documents

Network access conditions of ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH | valid from 01.10.2022
pdf / 1.07 MB
Price list of ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH | Version 15.0 | valid from 01.01.2022
pdf / 461.75 KB
Registration on Capacity Booking Platform
pdf / 168.60 KB
Form: Bank details and tax ID
pdf / 1.98 MB