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New Network customers

Your connection to the ONTRAS network

Are you interested in connecting to our natural gas network? Are you looking to make major changes to your existing connection to the ONTRAS network? We would be pleased to help you implement your project. 


Information on your natural gas/synthetic gas network connection

If you are interested in connecting to our natural gas network, please notify us of the following technical parameters in writing. We will then review the technical network requirements.


  • Minimum and maximum procurement per hour as well as the annual volume
  • Minimum delivery pressure
  • Project description and location (where applicable, the status of the approval procedure)
  • Expected date of planned commissioning of the network connection 

Following a positive review and the clarification of further details, we will conclude a network connection contract with you. This regulates the commercial, organisational and technical connection conditions for the network connection. A contract on the use of the network connection must also be concluded before commissioning the connection. 

If you would like to submit a request to feed biogas or hydrogen into the ONTRAS natural gas network, please refer to these pages: biogas suppliers and hydrogen suppliers.

ONTRAS contact for power plants, gas storage facilities and LNG

Franziska Fuhrmann
Franziska Fuhrmann
Head of Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111-2341
Erik Bauer
Erik Bauer
Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111 2923

ONTRAS contact for new industrial customers

Magnus Achtermann
Magnus Achtermann
Technical Asset Management Tel: +49 341 27111-2673
Sven Kalmeier
Sven Kalmeier
Technical Asset Management Tel: +49 341 27111-5872

Important documents (in German)

Messtechnische Mindestanforderungen der ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH
pdf / 168.52 KB
Technische Mindestbedingungen für den Neuanschluss von Anlagen Dritter
pdf / 115.31 KB