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An eastern German hydrogen economy –
built together.

The rapid development of a functioning hydrogen economy in eastern Germany is only possible if we work together. For a successful tomorrow, we must act today. 

Bringing producers and consumer of hydrogen together

Are you looking to produce or use hydrogen and need a connection to the network, security of supply as well as reliable information for your planning activities? We connect producers with consumers and ensure the organic growth of national infrastructure. Our future H2 network connects the economic centres and provides access to import points and storage facilities, integrated into the European Hydrogen Backbone.  

Report your hydrogen requirements

Help us get this development off the ground as quickly as possible by participating in our market survey. 

A separate digital hydrogen marketplace for the federal states of Brandenburg and Berlin has been developed. This serves as an intermediary portal for hydrogen supply and demand and can be accessed at the following link: Hydrogen Marketplace Berlin Brandenburg.

Your contact at ONTRAS

Franziska Fuhrmann
Franziska Fuhrmann
Head of Network Connection Customers
Martina Schulz-Zentner
Martina Schulz-Zentner
Network Connection Customers