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Capacity Products

As a shipper at ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH you can choose between different capacity products. These products differ in their technical and physical conditions. The following standard capacity products can be booked at ONTRAS via capacity booking platform(-s).

The booked and available capacities at the network points in the ONTRAS grid are published in our Transparency tool.

Freely allocable capacity makes it possible to reach the virtual trading point in the market area of Trading Hub Europe from an entry or exit point without restriction.

Dynamic allocable capacities enables network access on a fixed basis between different network points. The amount of gas injected and withdrawn at the defined network points must correspond to each other, otherwise the capacity can only be used on an interruptible basis. The transport customer is obliged to inform ONTRAS by e-mail to which balancing group or sub-balancing account he uses for the dynamically allocable entry/exit capacity booked. Further details on the DZK capacity type can be found in our network access conditions

Capacities with allocation restrictions allow for the use of the network of the booked entry point to defined exit points or the use of the booked exit point from one or several defined entry points. The use of the virtual trading point is excluded.


The "bFZK" (conditionally firm freely allocable capacity) enables capacity utilisation based on a firm and interruptible basis in the ONTRAS network area depending on the specific temperature conditions.  The allocation of the firm and interruptible share is determined by a defined temperature, which is displayed in the download area.

ONTRAS currently offers this type of capacity at the UGS Peckensen and UGS Allmenhausen. As of the 01.10.2021 the "bFZK" will be offered at the storage points UGS Staßfurt and VGS Storage Hub as well.  "bFZK" must be selected in PRISMA to book this product. Further details on this offer are also regulated in our Supplementary Terms and Conditions of ONTRAS.

Interruptible capacities allow access to the virtual trading point in the market area of Trading Hub Europe, provided that the network point is not fully utilised by transport customers with firm capacities. Further regulations on the interruption of interruptible capacity can be found in our Network Access Conditions.

The offered capacities are price-based on  the market area wide uniform price. Details are regulated in the price list and can be found in the price list archive.