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Our Hydrogen Projects

The Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor connects the production centres in North-East Europe with the consumption centres in Central Europe

The European gas transmission system operators Gasgrid Finland (Finland), Elering (Estonia), Conexus Baltic Grid (Latvia), Amber Grid (Lithuania), GAZ-SYSTEM (Poland) and ONTRAS want to develop the cross-border hydrogen transport infrastructure from Finland through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to Germany, the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor (NBHC). The aim of the project is to create a link between the green energy production regions in North-East Europe and the most important consumption centres in Central Europe. The NBHC is to be realised by 2030.

Pre-feasability study to be concluded in 2024

Prior to this, the infrastructure operators want to conduct a pre-feasibility study to analyse the conditions that can be expected for the development of cross-border hydrogen transport and which green hydrogen trends could develop in these regions. The study will analyse European and regional energy policy and provide concrete answers on the potential for the production and consumption of green and low-carbon hydrogen. Initial indications on project scope, possible pipeline route, financing, timing and risk management are also expected. Possible locations for storage will also be analysed. The results should be available by mid-2024.

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René Döring
René Döring
Asset development/simulation