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Expanded corporate strategy and new corporate design

ONTRAS connects energy and information systems and people for a climate-neutral, digital and diverse energy world

  • Transmission grid basis for transporting hydrogen and other climate-neutral gases Climate-neutral gas transport by 2050 - Focus on people:
  • Thinking openly, valuing the tried and tested and staying on the move
  • Today's projects pave the way for tomorrow's climate-neutral energy world

The Leipzig-based transmission system operator ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH (ONTRAS) has consistently developed its strategic corporate goals. The vision it has been striving for since 2015, "going green." - a climate-neutral gas transport system by 2050 at the latest - is now part of a comprehensive strategy that, in addition to the path to climate neutrality, focuses on the people who can bring this about and relies on innovations and digitally supported, networked working. A new corporate design underlines the ambitions of the grid operator to actively shape the development towards a climate-neutral energy landscape.

Innovative projects

The fact that the company is serious about this is shown by projects that have already been implemented and are in progress. For example, Germany's first almost CO2-free gas pressure measurement and control system is located in Potsdam-Nesselgrund. With innovative technology co-developed in Brandenburg, it is a blueprint for climate-neutral plants for the entire industry in Germany and beyond. One of the largest solar thermal plants for gas preheating is being built in Kienbaum. And in no less than three hydrogen IPCEI projects, in the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park real laboratory as well as in the European Hydrogen Backbone and in the H2 networks for 2030 and 2050 of the FNB Gas, ONTRAS is committed to the rapid development of a hydrogen network in Germany, together with various European partners.

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