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Yearly auction: publication of the yearly products on two capacity booking platforms

From July 6, 2020 ONTRAS will market its capacities on the two capacity booking platforms PRISMA and the Hungarian RBP, thus implementing the ACER decision on marketing capacities at the German-Polish border on the Hungarian platform RBP.

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From July 6, 2020 ONTRAS will market its capacities on two capacity booking platforms. The transmission system operator is thus implementing the decision (DECISION No 10/2019  on the selection of a web-based booking platform to be used by TSOs for the offering of bundled gas transmission capacity) made by the European regulatory authority ACER(European Union Agency for the cooperation of energy regulators) on August 6, 2019 on time. This decision stipulates that from the 2020 yearly auction capacities at the German-Polish border shall be marketed on the Hungarian platform RBP ('Regional Booking Platform').

Therefore, starting from the coming yearly auction, the primary and secondary capacities for the network point GCP GAZ-SYSTEM / ONTRAS will be marketed via the RBP. Registered shippers can book capacity products with a contract duration from 7 July 2020, 6:00 a.m. (CET) on RBP in accordance with the ENTSOG auction calendar.

All other ONTRAS network points will be marketed as usual according to the ENTSOG auction calendar via Prisma European Capacity Platform GmbH.

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