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Capacity Acquisition

ONTRAS markets the entry and exit capacities at cross-border points and market area connection points, at connection points to end costumers and biogas plants as well as storage facilities exclusively online via PRISMA - the joint online platform for European transmission network operators. The capacity bookings can be made in the areas of FCFS booking or Auctions. Information for the individual network points are published in the Network Points area.

You can find more information about ONTRAS's network points, for example on the current booking situation, in our Transparency Tool.

In the auction procedure, capacities are auctioned either on single stage (for short-term bookings) or on several stages (for long-term bookings).



The First-Come-First-Served Procedure allocates capacities based on their chronological order.

Capacities are marketed as follows depending on the type of network point:

Type of network pointCapacity typeType of marketing
Cross-border points*Firm/InterruptibleAuction
Market area connection points**Firm/InterruptibleAuction
Storage pointsFirm/InterruptibleAuction
Network connection points (NAPs)Firm/InterruptibleFCFS
Biogas entry pointsFirm/InterruptibleFCFS
Production pointsFirm/InterruptibleFCFS


* In accordance to article 19 para 9 NC CAM the capacities of the interconnection point Deutschneudorf will be offered at the VIP Brandov-GASPOOL by GASCADE Gastransport GmbH.

** Firm capacities are marketed as a bundle at the Steinitz market transfer point. This means that only one booking request has to be provided for each flow direction. ONTRAS also offers the option of bundled nomination in this case. Interruptible capacities will not bundled.