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Structural Data

Network data at a glance

The following provides the structural data as defined in Section 23c(2) of the EnWG for the 2020 calendar year.

ONTRAS Netzbetrieb, Anlage Bobbau
Length of the gas pipeline network:
  • 7.414 km
  • thereof 739 km in fractional ownership, meaning that ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH only has a partial right of use in this respect
Length of the gas network by pipeline diameter classes (high-pressure level):
  • Class A: 712 km (thereof 712 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class B: 1.714 km
  • Class C: 3.135 km (thereof 19 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class D: 836 km (thereof 8 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class E: 684 km
  • Class F: 221 km
  • Class G: 112 km
Annual energy output extracted by redistributors and end consumers:
  • 155 billion kWh
Number of exit points in the high-pressure network:
  • 442
Year's peak load for all extractions at one time:
  • 41.645 MWH/h (MWh on 11/12/2020, 8.00 a.m.)