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Structural Data

Network data at a glance

The following provides the structural data as defined in Section 27(2) of the Gas Network Fees Regulation (GasNEV) for the 2020 calendar year.

ONTRAS Netzbetrieb, Anlage Bobbau
Length of the gas pipeline network:
  • 7.414 km
  • thereof 739 km in fractional ownership, meaning that ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH only has a partial right of use in this respect
Length of the gas network by pipeline diameter classes (high-pressure level):
  • Class A: 712 km (thereof 712 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class B: 1.714 km
  • Class C: 3.135 km (thereof 19 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class D: 836 km (thereof 8 km in fractional ownership)
  • Class E: 684 km
  • Class F: 221 km
  • Class G: 112 km
Annual energy output extracted by redistributors and end consumers:
  • 155 billion kWh
Number of exit points in the high-pressure network:
  • 442
Year's peak load for all extractions at one time:
  • 41.645 MWH/h (MWh on 11/12/2020, 8.00 a.m.)