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Network Connection

Network connection to the ONTRAS network

Are you interested in connecting to our transmission system? Or are you looking to make major changes to your existing connection to the ONTRAS network? Then we are your partner. ONTRAS enables connection to the gas transmission system under non-discriminatory and transparent technical and commercial conditions.


Connection for natural gas/synthetic methane

If you are interested in connecting to our network, please send through the following technical parameters so that we can review the network:

  • Minimum and maximum procurement per hour as well as the annual volume
  • Minimum delivery pressure
  • Location of the procurement station
  • Expected date of commissioning the network connection

Following a positive review and the clarification of further details, we conclude a network connection agreement that regulates the commercial, organisational and technical connection conditions for the network connection. A network interconnection contract, which defines the use of the network connection must also be concluded before commissioning the network connection.

ONTRAS’ minimum technical conditions apply for the network connection together with the minimum measurement technology requirements for the measurement and control system.

Your contact at ONTRAS

Magnus Achtermann
Magnus Achtermann
Technical Asset Management
Sven Kalmeier
Sven Kalmeier
Technical Asset Management