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Network Operators

The ONTRAS network is directly connected to about 60 downstream network operators in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland via its interconnection points and is supplied by several upstream network operators. In addition, about 35 industrial customers and eight natural gas storage facilities are directly connected to the ONTRAS network. 22 biogas facilities and two power-to-gas facilities also feed regenerative energies into the ONTRAS network.

ONTRAS network contract management is the right contact partner for upstream and downstream network operators, underground storage operators, industrial customers as well as all operators of biogas and power-to-gas facilities.


Capacity order to process transports within the GASPOOL market area


Provision of necessary information on the transmission network operators as part of the internal order


Information on the ordering of hourly quantity declarations for the next gas day


Standard national redistribution of the costs for transmission network operators that arise with the supply of biogas.


Cost reallocation for the conversion of the gas quality from L gas to H gas within a market area