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Network Connection

ONTRAS enables connections to its gas transmission network under non-discriminatory, transparent technical and economic conditions:

  • End consumers
  • Operators of similar or downstream gas supply networks and pipelines
  • Gas generation plants
  • Storage facilities
  • Biogas plants (gas quality pursuant to DVGW work sheet G260 and G262).

If you are interested in establishing a connection to our network, please submit a written notification indicating the following technical parameters:

  • Minimum and maximum supply per hour and the annual quantity
  • Minimum transfer pressure
  • Location of the supply station
  • Expected date of commissioning of the network connection

ONTRAS will use this information to review the network connection. A positive review of your network connection will lead to the conclusion of a network connection contract. This contract regulates the commercial, organisational and technical network connection conditions. The minimum technical conditions must be complied with for a connection to the ONTRAS gas transmission system. The ONTRAS minimum metrological requirements apply when setting up the measurement and control system.

A network connection point contract, which covers the use of the network connection, must also be concluded prior to commissioning the network connection. Please note that special conditions for the network connection and network access apply for biogas/power-to-gas.

If you are interested in connecting a biogas treatment plant/power-to-gas plant to the ONTRAS network, please communicate your intentions at the earliest possible stage. We want to work together with you to ensure that your plant is connected to the most efficient connection point in the ONTRAS network as quickly as possible. Please use the "Network Connection and Application for Biogas Input" data sheet to submit a written network connection request to ONTRAS.

§33 of the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV) applies for processing the network connection request, with the following rights and obligations:

  • ONTRAS will review your network connection request for completeness within 14 days. You will then be notified of the measures that are required to reach a decision on your network connection request and any associated costs.
  • If ONTRAS requires any further information on your completed form, this will be requested within a week of receipt of our network connection request. In this case, the two week period only starts once ONTRAS has received the requested documents.
  • An advance payment of 25 percent of the review costs is payable to ONTRAS if you accept the offer to review the network connection request.
  • ONTRAS will start reviewing your network connection request once payment has been received. Operators of other gas transmission networks may be involved, as specified in the Gas Network Access Ordinance, if this is necessary.
  • ONTRAS will immediately inform you of the result of the review no later than three months after receipt of your advance payment.
  • In accordance with § 33 GasNZV, ONTRAS is bound to a positive review result for a period of three months.
  • The remaining amount of the review costs (75 percent) is payable once ONTRAS has informed you of the review result.

Following the network connection request:

  • If you communicate that you are still interested in proceeding with the biogas input into the ONTRAS pipeline network within the three-month lock-in period, you will be sent a network connection and use contract as a binding offer (pursuant to the current version of the cooperation agreement).
  • You will also conclude a planning and construction agreement with ONTRAS.
  • Once you have concluded the network connection and use contract and signed the planning and construction agreement, we will start working with you to immediately move forward with the planning of the network connection.
  • Moreover, we also reach a joint agreement on a plan regarding the content, schedule and responsibilities for establishing the network connection, the realisation schedule.
  • Once the entry station is in operation, ONTRAS will take over the operation and maintenance of this station pursuant to the GasNZV.
  • To supply biogas to the natural gas network, you or your Biogas trader have to conclude the relevant contracts with ONTRAS as the network operator and GASPOOL as the market area representative.