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Internal Order

Once a year, network operators order the maximum firm exit capacity for the network interconnection point zones, calculated in accordance with the standardised process pursuant to § 13 of Cooperation Agreement VII, to process transports within the market area Trading Hub Europe. This order takes place on 15 July each year for the following calendar year (base year).

ONTRAS is responsible for the submission of a complete internal order by downstream network operators pursuant to § 11 (4) within a period of ten working days by way of a statement of acceptance or rejection. 

On submitting a statement of acceptance for the order, ONTRAS is obliged to reserve the resulting contractually agreed capacity to this downstream network at the network interconnection point zones. The internal ordering takes place online via the ONTRAS-Portal, which can be found under "Customer login" on the ONTRAS website. The conditions of use for the ONTRAS-Portal can be found in the download area under "ONTRAS Terms and Conditions".Login ONTRAS-Portal
ONTRAS Terms and Conditions

If the ONTRAS Portal is not available, or a customer login is not possible, the internal order must be promptly submitted to ONTRAS using the "Internal Order" form.