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Impressions of ONTRAS.Netzforum 2018

ONTRAS selected pictures

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Report about the new construction of two gas transmission pipelines in the Lausitz: Around 3,000 steel pipes installed, with more than 6,600 welds connected, and up to 215 specialists from 40 trades in action.

"In doing so, we will secure the long-term supply of gas for the entire region and adjacent regions of Poland - natural gas plus biogas," confirmed ONTRAS Managing Director Uwe Ringel in front of more than 50 guests from politics and business. "And with the increasing proportion of regeneratively produced gases such as biogas and hydrogen, the energy source of natural gas in the CO2-neutral energy mix of the future will continue to have its place in the front row," said Ringel. "This will create the basis for the Lausitz to remain an attractive place to live and work in the coming decades.

We work purposefully on the realization of our vision "going green." Together with European partners, we want to achieve a CO2-neutral gas supply by 2050. The gas infrastructure and an increasing share of green gases ensure a secure energy supply through intelligent sector coupling, even in the case of long-lasting periods with neither wind generator or solar energy production.


Special Microtunneling: Construction of two gas transmission pipelines in the Lausitz region, Saxony  (April 2016 at municipality Geierswalde)

Renewal of FGL 02 - gas transmission pipeline between Lauchhammer and Weißig 2014/2015.

ONTRAS special: Construction phases of renewing a gas transmission pipeline.