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Final Customers

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Information for final customers

A broad range of final consumers with high capacity demands are connected directly to the ONTRAS pipeline network, including power plants, large industrial concerns and commercial customers. 

Transport customers, either network access customers themselves or a commissioned supplier, book transport capacities through the European capacity platform PRISMA. This requires registration as a transport customer. You can find more information in our network access conditions provided in the download area

Your contact at ONTRAS

Franziska Fuhrmann
Franziska Fuhrmann
Head of Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111-2341
Sylvia Dathe
Sylvia Dathe
Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111-5809
Erik Bauer
Erik Bauer
Network Connection Customers Tel: +49 341 27111 2923

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Important documents

Network access conditions of ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH | valid from 01.10.2022
pdf / 1.07 MB