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As a gas transmission system operator, we are responsible for the approximately 7,000-kilometre high-pressure network in the new federal states. We market the associated capacities and ensure the efficient, safe and sustainable transport of gas. Our market partners, transport customers, dealers, regional network operators and connectees also benefit from the wide range of network-related, customised services provided by INFRACON, ONTRAS' service company.

As one of the founders and network operators of the GASPOOL market area, we are responsible for the daily transport processes in our network and organise the gas transport together with the over 130 downstream network operators. Secure and reliable control and monitoring of our gas pipeline network is guaranteed by state-of-the-art telecontrol technology.

As a transmission network operator, ONTRAS is responsible for maintaining the gas facilities in a safe and flawless operating condition. These requirements can be found in the Energy Industry Act. We have commissioned competent service providers to manage these activities. We develop and optimise our analysis, maintenance and renovation concept together with these companies. The core concept is the cooperation of several companies to ensure the optimal use of the best resources at minimum expense.

The bundling and efficient distribution of services and locations allows us to achieve higher availability and shorter distances while optimising costs. The basic conditions for this unique service concept are defined in management manuals. Moreover, all cooperating companies operate based on certified technical safety management systems (TSM) that are regularly reviewed by external bodies.

Our core business is the marketing of transport capacities to the approximately 450 network points in the ONTRAS gas transmission network. In line with the legal and regulatory requirements, we support our transport customers in the registration and booking process as well as providing assistance in the management and documentation of capacity contracts and the communication and transmission of all relevant information and data to the balancing group network operators.

Entry and exit capacities for the ONTRAS network can be booked via PRISMA or in case of bookings from 6.July 2020 at GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/ONTRAS via RBP.

Besides the core business of network operation and capacity marketing, network-related services are also becoming increasingly important. ONTRAS has taken this development into account by founding the internal service company INFRACON Infrastruktur Service GmbH in January 2015. 

INFRACON's service portfolio ranges from operational management and maintenance through to engineering services and data management. INFRACON is the renowned specialist for network-related, customised services, coupled with the extensive know-how of the transmission network operator ONTRAS. Customer support is either provided as tailored service bundles or as a full service package due to the complexity of the individual products. This allows INFRACON to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of its customers' pipeline networks and facilities and make an important contribution to the security of supply.