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ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH is a national gas transmission system operator in the European gas transport system based in Leipzig. ONTRAS operates Germany's second-largest gas transmission system, with approximately 7,000 km of pipelines and about 450 interconnection points, to ensure the seamless transport of natural gas to our customers. To do so, we link the interests of transport customers, dealers, regional network operators and producers of regenerative gases. 


The ONTRAS Executive Board: Ralph Bahke (commercial division) and Uwe Ringel (technical division)


Information on ONTRAS' core business: network operation, marketing capacity and network-related services


Outline of the corporate objectives and the guiding principles of our corporate activities


Commitment to the organisation and operation of a network free of discrimination


Optimisation of the network infrastructure – an overview of the current pipeline construction projects


The green side of ONTRAS has been at the heart of our mission statement for many years. 



General documents, forms and datasheets and our terms and conditions.



Important company announcements and relevant news from the energy infrastructure sector