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BIL pipeline information

Damage to underground piping systems by the action of third parties are the most common cause of cable and pipeline damage. The number of cable ans pipeline operators is increasing and thus provides more and more the problem of addressing all relevant pipeline operators in construction projects.
Therefore, make as client or commissioned companies your line request to BIL - the Internet platform to ask for digging information on underground energy and telecommunication infrastructure. BIL seeks partnership with all market participants and enables the construction industry in future a continuous digital workflow for processing construction inquiries.

BIL launched on 1 January 2016, first with the pipeline network of more than 33,000 kilometers in length, which is introduced by the 20 founding partners from the chemical, oil and gas industry - including ONTRAS. Other line categories such as electricity, telecommunications, gas distribution and district heating, et al to be rapidly integrated.

BIL - digging information on underground energy and telecommunication infrastructure