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Contract Management

Capacity contract management

ONTRAS transport customers can find information on the respective capacity contract portfolio in the ONTRAS-Portal. The "Contract Explorer" menu item contains a schedule of all your contracts with ONTRAS.

Furthermore, the use of PRISMA provides the opportunity of converting interruptible contracts to firm contracts and allows the secondary marketing of capacity contracts or the transaction of returns in line with the ONTRAS Network Access Conditions.

Balancing group management

GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH is the market area representative for the market area of the same name. Accordingly, balancing group services can be concluded and managed via the GASPOOL balancing group portal. 

The notification of balancing groups for capacity booking entries takes place directly via the "Notify balancing group" menu item in the ONTRAS portal.

A change to the balancing group allocation for capacity contracts takes place in the "Notify balancing group" menu item in the ONTRAS-Portal.

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