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Network Data

ONTRAS offers transport customers a transmission network with over 7,000 kilometres of gas pipelines and about 450 network interconnection points. Integrated metering- and control systems as well as compressor stations provide a high operating flexibility. High safety standards as well as competent, IQM- and TSM-certified service providers guarantee the maximum technical availability of the management system.

A modern pipeline management system as well as a network of cooperating service providers ensure the efficient repair and maintenance of the ONTRAS transmission network.

General network information +
Length of transmission system: approx. 7,000 km
Number of physical Network connection points:approx.    450
Number of trans-border network points:                   4
Number of Entries:15 (incl. aggregate production facility)
Number of Exits/Exit zones:                 78
Number of Biogas feed-in plants at the ONTRAS Network:                 22
Number of hydrogen feed-in plants at the  ONTRAS Network:                   2
ONTRAS Network map +

Here you will find all network interconnection points and zones for the ONTRAS network. The bookable network interconnection points with further information can be found in our Transparency-Tool.

Structural Data +

Specifications as per §27 para. (2) GasNEV (German Gas Network Fees Ordinance) for the calendar year 2017:

  1. Length of the gas pipeline network:6,936 km
    (260 km of which in co-ownership, thus ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH has only a proportionate right of use)

  2. Length of the gas pipeline network according to pipeline diameter classes
    (high-pressure level):

    Class A:      233 km (233 km in co-ownership)
    Class B:   1,714 km  
    Class C:   3,148 km (  19 km of which in co-ownership)
    Class D:      831 km (    8 km of which in co-ownership)
    Class E:      677 km
    Class F:      220 km
    Class G:      113 km

  3. Annual energy output extracted by redistributors and end consumers: 163 billion kWh

  4. Number of exit points in the high-pressure network: 445

  5. Year's peak load for all extractions at one time: 37,643 MW on 2017/01/06, 9 a. m.
Pipeline Information

As the building owner or the general contractor you must ensure that the property is clear for construction. This requires the submission of a “third-party planning enquiry” to the utility company. Please direct your enquiries to BIL Leitungsauskunft, the platform of various network operators from the chemical, high-pressure gas and mineral oil sectors, ONTRAS being on of them.

BIL Leitungsauskunft