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Switch of the regular data exchange for nomination messages to AS4

We are switching the regular data exchange for nomination messages between ONTRAS and the network users active at interconnection points (cross-border or market area transition) in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/703 Article 21 to the AS4 protocol. For this, we will use the data format Edig@s-XML.

The use of the ONTRAS-Portal for regular nomination messages is no longer admissible in accordance with Section 13a, Annex 1 of the Cooperation Agreement Gas IX. However, in accordance with Section 2b (3) of the Cooperation Agreement Gas IX, ONTRAS still offers the ONTRAS-Portal as an alternative communication channel in the event of a restriction or a failure of nomination-relevant systems.

ONTRAS will use version 3.0 of the ENTSOG AS4 Usage Profile to establish the AS4 communication channel, switch the message formats to Edig@s-XML, and perform communication tests.

Please contact us to arrange a date for your switch to AS4.


A nomination includes the registration of hourly quantities in kilowatt hours (kWh) for a subsequent period. Nominations that have already been submitted can be corrected by renominations up to two hours prior to the gas flow (on the hour).

Network Access Conditions ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH

A nomination requires the successful completion of a communication test between the balancing group manager and ONTRAS. This includes:

  • Coordination and testing of the applicable data format
    ONTRAS gives balancing group managers the option of transmitting nominations via Edig@s messages or by manual entry in the ONTRAS portal.
  • Coordination and testing of the applicable communication path
    ONTRAS provides the following communication paths: AS4 and Web OF (customer portal).
  • Coordination of market partner ID and station parameters (ID and associated qualifier)

Balancing group managers also benefit from our network-related services of INFRACON, such as the use of substitute nomination procedures for a consumption-focussed nomination and minimisation of imbalances.

Nomination of entry quantities

All entry quantities generally need to be nominated by the balancing group managers. Nominations take place by indicating the balancing group code. Entry nominations may also take place using a substitute nomination procedure.

Nomination of exit quantities

Nominations of exit quantities are required:

  • for exit quantities in a storage facility,
  • for cross-market and cross-border transfer points,
  • for cross-market area transports in the exit network (MiniMÜT) or
  • if this is necessary to ensure a safe and reliable network operation.



As from 1 November 2015, ONTRAS offers the usage of the single-sided-nomination-procedure at all interconnection points. In this respect, ONTRAS always takes the role of the active transmission system operator.