Successful launch of the new Virtual Interconnection Point Brandov-GASPOOL


VIP operations started smoothly on 1st of November – bundled day-ahead capacities were marketed

Kassel. Leipzig. On 31 October 2018 at 04:30 p.m. bundled day-ahead capacities were auctioned for the first time at the newly established virtual network point VIP Brandov-GASPOOL.
Hence, the transmission system operators GASCADE Gastransport and ONTRAS Gastransport are now auctioning their entry and exit capacities, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2017/459 NC CAM, for the market border GASPOOL-Czech Republic uniformly at only one booking point. Additionally, OPAL Gastransport offers interruptible capacities at this bookable point. 

With the start of this virtual interconnection point, all other capacity auctions are now also offered and marketed according to the ENTSOG auction calendar at this point. Consequently, capacity marketing at the network points forming the VIP takes no longer place.

René Döring, Capacity Management ONTRAS, sum up the successful implementation of the VIP: “The start of the VIP is a great achievement due to the complex allocation processes and the steering of quantities across different operators.” Veit Wienhausen, Capacity Management GASCADE, completes: “We had a close and very well coordinated collaboration between the involved transmission system operators. Without this, we were not able to implement such a challenging project within the time permitted.”

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