Conditions of Participation of the prize draw for the customer survey 2019 of ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH (ONTRAS)

This English translation of these Conditions of Participation shall not be legally binding and is provided for convenience only. Legally binding access to the Conditions of Participation shall only be granted on the basis of the German version of this document.

Conditions of Participation

The participation in the prize draw for the customer survey 2019 of ONTRAS is free of charge and is based exclusively on these conditions of participation.

1. Organizer of the participation: Organizer of the prize draw is ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, Maximilianallee 4, 04129 Leipzig. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone at +49 341 27111-4545.

2. Eligibility: Any natural person who has received an invitation to the customer survey can take part in the prize draw. Excluded from participation in the prize draw are officials. Minors are also not eligible to participate.

3. Participation: In order to participate in our prize draw, the field entitled "I would like to participate in the prize draw" must be checked by the eligible person at the end of the customer survey. For a possible contact in the case of the profit, the indication of a personal e-mail address is necessary. Therefore, only people who enter a corresponding e-mail address can participate in the prize draw. Each eligible person may only participate once in the prize draw. In the case of a breach of these conditions of participation, the organizer of the prize draw reserves the right to exclude the participant in question from the prize draw. Each participant is responsible for verifying and ensuring that the participation and acceptance of the potential gains are particular permitted by internal compliance policies of their own employer.

4. Prize draw period: The prize draw starts with the sending of the customer survey on 8 May 2019  and ends on 30 June 2019 31 August 2019 at 11:59 pm CET (summer time).

5. Prize: Among all participants who are eligible in accordance with point 2 and 3 of the conditions of participation, 10 culinary packages will be raffled under exclusion of legal action. There will be 10 winners. The real value of the individual profits amounts to approximately 30.00 EUR (gross). The profit is excluded from the exchange. A cash payment or exhibition of a voucher in the amount of the property value is not possible. Warranty claims regarding the profit are excluded from ONTRAS.

Any costs incurred for the delivery of the profits shall be borne by ONTRAS.

Any additional costs associated with claiming the profits shall be borne by the winner. For the tax treatment of profit, only the participant is responsible.

6. Prize prize draw: The winners will be prize drawn by a prize draw. The winners will receive a prize notification to the previously provided e-mail address with further information. The Winners are then asked to give ONTRAS an address within a given deadline, to which the prize is to be sent. For the accuracy of the information provided, each participant is responsible. If no timely notice of a corresponding address, the prize will be raffled again. ONTRAS also reserves the right to raffle again a prize if the prize is undeliverable. Alternatively, a pick-up at ONTRAS (Maximilianallee 4, 04129 Leipzig) is possible. For this we ask for a corresponding feedback.

7. Publication: There will be no publication of the winners. A mention of the company or the name of the winners will not take place.

8. Disclaimer: Participating users agree that ONTRAS cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or expense, whether in whole or in part, directly or indirectly as a result of the acceptance or misuse of the prize or participation in the prize draw. The liability of ONTRAS for damage to life, body, health, due to gross negligence or willful action is not limited thereby. ONTRAS accepts no responsibility for the actions of third parties and cannot be held liable for their actions or non-performance.

9. Data protection: To participate in the prize draw, it is necessary that the participant of ONTRAS transfers personal data. The data is needed to run the prize draw, in particular to notify winners and to send prizes to the winners. As part of the prize draw, ONTRAS processes data that the participants provide to ONTRAS. This is in particular the e-mail address as well as if necessary name and first name as well as an address, to which the profit is to be sent.

The processing of the data takes place exclusively for the execution of the prize draw. Processing for advertising purposes does not take place.

In detail, we refer to the privacy policy of ONTRAS.

10.Reservations: With regard to these conditions of participation, no objection of any kind is considered. ONTRAS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. The prize draw may be modified, canceled, terminated or suspended by ONTRAS at any time in whole or in part at its sole discretion, if ONTRAS believes that the prize draw are not functioning properly or that other unforeseen events are interfering with its proper functioning.