Our Engagement

Green Gas Initiative

ONTRAS is the only German TSO member of the European Green Gas Initiative. The organization is comprised of seven European network operators and is engaged in making an active contribution to the goal of 100%-carbon-neutral gas transport infrastructure by 2050.


European Power to Gas Platform

The European Power-to-Gas Platform is a committee comprised of stakeholders from across Europe. Its goal is to explore the possibilities for the development and implementation of power-to-gas technologies. The platform offers information about power-to-gas and reports neutrally without supporting a certain technology.


German Energy Agency (dena)

ONTRAS was an associate partner of the dena Strategie Platform for the creation of the German Power-to-Gas Atlas. The project involved partners from politics, industry and the energy sector to explore the potential for power-to-gas technologies in Germany and to determine which locations were most suitable for their development.


Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany e. V. (HYPOS)

The HYPOS consortium examines a wide range of topics related to hydrogen and infrastructure. Within the consortium ONTRAS is responsible for the coordination of transport and storage topics. In addition, ONTRAS is actively involved in the realization of several HYPOS projects.