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Switch of regular data exchange for nomination to AS4

ONTRAS is switching the regular data exchange for nomination messages between ONTRAS and the network users active at interconnection points (cross-border or market area transition) in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/703 to the AS4 protocol and Edig@s-XML.

We ask network users concerned to contact us.

Further Information at https://www.ontras.com/en/transport-customers/nomination/


Auctions in March: more capacity partners publish GTC
The five more capacity partners published their latest Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Business today on time. They serve as the basis for the annual auctions being held on March 6, 2017 on the European capacity platform PRISMA.


Press release of more capacity FNB:

“more capacity”: Consultation on the marketing procedure to begin


Press Release of Green Gas Initiative:

Green Gas Initiative report: how gas and gas infrastructure can help curbing carbon and other harmful emissions

The Green Gas Initiative joins seven independent gas infrastructure companies who committed
themselves to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their transport infrastructure by 2050. ONTRAS CEO Ralph Bahke is chairing the Green Gas Initiative until 30. September 2016.


User information on behalf of Gascade Gastransport GmbH, Gasunie Deutschland Services GmbH und Ontras Gastransport GmbH

As a result of the more capacity project it is planned to offer new capacities at the borders of the GASPOOL market area in the annual yearly capacity auction 2017. However, these new capacities can only be offered by the TSOs, if all existing capacities at the respective market area borders are entirely allocated (sold out) in the relevant flow direction. The existing capacities can be booked in the annual yearly capacity auctions for 2016 and 2017.
Further details regarding the marketing process of the more capacity new capacities will be published on www.more-capacity.eu in time.


ONTRAS Newsletter "ONTRAS.Netzpunkte"

With ONTRAS.Netzpunkte 02/2015 (available in German only) in July we issued our second newsletter. Herewith we want to give you an insight into ongoing projects and the development of our company as well as the gas market.

So for ONTRAS the membership of the European Green Gas Initiative - as one of the topics of this issue - was an important milestone in the first half of this year.

You have not yet ONTRAS.Netzpunkte received? Please send an email to with the subject line "Recording at distributor ONTRAS.Netzpunkte": ralf.borschinsky@ontras.com.


ONTRAS offers tender for flow committments for the month of February, March and April 2016.

more ...


ONTRAS joins Green Gas Initiative

In the margins of the 13 GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe) annual conference in Dublin ONTRAS joint the Green Gas intitiative. The other members of the initiative are the European gas infrastructure companies Energinet.dk (Denmark), Fluxys Belgium (Belgium), Gasunie (Netherlands) Gaznat (Switzerland) GRTgaz (France) and Swedegas (Sweden). The aim of the initiative is to achieve a CO2-neutral gas supply by 2050. More ...

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