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Mission Statement

Our Objectives 

ONTRAS has set itself three fundamental objectives, on which the guiding principles of our corporate activities are based:  provide security, ensure commitment, promote development.

Provide security

We ensure the operation of an efficient and transparent transport system to provide security of supply with natural gas and also take responsibility for network marketing and market partners.

Ensure commitment

We are involved in national and European committees and invest in cooperation with our partners. This enables ONTRAS to actively shape the technical and political framework for a sustainable natural gas infrastructure.

Promote developments

We ensure the constant and innovative development of our offer, primarily for our customers. We utilise and reinforce our expertise in all matters relating to the potential of delivering regenerative gases with a view to the future. 

The Guiding Principles of Our Actions

Our guiding principles are the foundation of our decisions and actions. They are the common thread for management and employees as well as a commitment to customers and society.

Security and responsibility

Our core business is the transportation of natural gas. As a long-distance network operator, we are responsible for a high-pressure pipeline network over 7,000 km long with multiple connections to the European gas transport system.

Growth and innovation for our customers

We consistently expand and develop our offers in relation to the transport of natural gas. The key is innovation and efficiency, which ensure the successful creation of value for our customers and ourselves. Cooperations and market-related services complement our product and service portfolio.

Competence and team spirit

The company is only as strong and successful as our employees. That's why we rely on extensive experience as well as the potential displayed by junior employees.

Health, safety and environmental protection

We act responsibly in line with the applicable laws, recognised quality standards, norms and technical rules both domestically and abroad. Health, safety and environmental protection take precedence over economic matters in our activities.

Dialogue and partnership

Our relationships are defined by fairness and respect. We maintain open, trusting dialogue with companies, with our customers and with market partners.

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