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Construction Projects

ONTRAS is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of the transmission network in the new federal states. As a result, our tasks include monitoring and optimising the conditions and the performance of the network on a regular basis.

Here you will find information on our current important construction projects as well as a review of the last year. By implementing these renovation and new construction projects ONTRAS makes the gas network future-proof and contributes to ensure the sustainability of the natural and green gas supply in the respective regions.

Completed: Construction of two new gas transmission pipelines in the German Lausitz  region

2015/2016 ONTRAS constructed two new gas transmission pipelines in the German Lausitz region to improve the energy infrastructure and ensure that it becomes sustainable. The approximately 35-kilometre, parallel pipelines extend from Senftenberg in Brandenburg to the south of the Schwarze Pumpe in Saxony. They secure the natural gas supply in the regions of Freiberg, Dresden, Bautzen, Zittau and Görlitz in the long term.

Technical data +
  • Length of the pipelines altogether: approx. 35 km (each)
  • Length of pipelines to be built in 2015/2016: 26 km (each)
  • Length of remaining pipelines (construction presumably after 2017): 9 km
  • Laying depth: at least 1 m, 1.2 m near developments, significantly deeper for road, rail and water crossings
  • Pipe diameter: 80 cm, subsection of the pipeline between Burg and the Schwarze Pumpe 40 cm
  • Max. operating pressure: 25 or 84 bar
  • Individual pipe length: 18 m
  • Planned construction period: October 2015 - August 2016
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