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Construction Projects

ONTRAS is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of the transmission network in the new federal states. As a result, our tasks include monitoring and optimising the conditions and the performance of the network on a regular basis.

Here you will find information on our current important construction projects as well as a review of the last year. By implementing these renovation and new construction projects ONTRAS makes the gas network future-proof and contributes to ensure the sustainability of the natural and green gas supply in the respective regions.

Construction of two new gas transmission pipelines in the German Lausitz  region

ONTRAS constructs two new gas transmission pipelines in the German Lausitz region to improve the energy infrastructure and ensure that it becomes sustainable. The approximately 35-kilometre, parallel pipelines will extend from Senftenberg in Brandenburg to the south of the Schwarze Pumpe in Saxony. They will secure the natural gas supply in the regions of Freiberg, Dresden, Bautzen, Zittau and Görlitz in the long term.

Technical data +
  • Length of the pipelines altogether: approx. 35 km (each)
  • Length of pipelines to be built in 2015/2016: 26 km (each)
  • Length of remaining pipelines (construction presumably after 2017): 9 km
  • Laying depth: at least 1 m, 1.2 m near developments, significantly deeper for road, rail and water crossings
  • Pipe diameter: 80 cm, subsection of the pipeline between Burg and the Schwarze Pumpe 40 cm
  • Max. operating pressure: 25 or 84 bar
  • Individual pipe length: 18 m
  • Planned construction period: October 2015 - August 2016
Planning approval process +

In order to implement the project, the Landesdirektion Sachsen (provincial headquarters in Saxony) for the Free State of Saxony and the Landesamt für Bergbau, Geologie und Rohstoffe (State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials) for the state of Brandenburg introduced a planning approval process as the respective coordinators. The process were successfully terminated in October 2015.

Information events on the construction project +

The planning approval process was accompanied by ONTRAS at special information events for the pubic in January 2015. Interested citizens from the towns and municipalities along the planned route could find out at an early stage why the new pipelines are required and what will happen during the local construction phases.

More than 60 interested citizens attended the two information events in Elsterheide and Burgneudorf. Together with ONTRAS experts and the responsible engineering office they discussed questions relating to the planned and detailed route, the construction process as well as easements and compensation. One thing  clearly came out at both events: no one in attendance questioned the necessity of the planned new pipelines for sustainable supply in the Lausitz district.

Background to the new pipeline construction +

The project replaces existing gas transmission pipelines (GTP) 18 and 206 and provides additional capacities that are currently still transported via GTP 09 and 218. This new construction is necessary as several sections of the two existing lines pass through the former Spreetal and "Erika"/Laubusch lignite mines: the Sächsische Oberbergamt (Saxon Mining Authority - SOBA) blocked sections of these former surface mines in December 2010.

While we have still been able to continue to operate the pipelines, planned maintenance activities are no longer possible, or with very strict restrictions. We therefore decided on this investment in order to ensure the overall stability of the gas network and the security of supply for the Freiberg, Dresden, Bautzen, Zittau and Görlitz regions.

Info hotline on the construction project +

We have set up an info hotline specifically for the project relating to the construction of new long-distance gas pipelines in Lausitz:

"Construction of long-distance gas pipelines in Lausitz" info line

Phone: 0341 2310-9026

Email:   Lausitz@ontras.com

Renovation of gas transmission pipeline 02 Lauchhammer-Weißig

The ONTRAS gas transmission pipeline 02 (FGL 02) extends from Lauchhammer (Brandenburg) to Weißig in Saxony. It supplies natural gas to the Oberspreewald/Lausitz, Dresden-Meißen as well as the Saxon Switzerland/Eastern Ore Mountains regions. ONTRAS had renovated and upgraded individual section totalling around 16 kilometres in previous years, e.g. as part of road construction measures. In the summer of 2014 ONTRAS started to renovate the remaining sections and finalized reconstruction works in August 2015. The complete renovation of the FGL 02 allows it to meet the latest safety and maintenance standards and enable efficient operation.

Technical data +
  • Total length of the pipeline: (of which 12.5 km in Brandenburg and 49.8 km in Saxony)
  • Sections to be replaced: 46.1 km (of which 5.1 km in Brandenburg and 41 km in Saxony)
  • Pipe diameter: 50 cm
  • Max. operating pressure: 25 bar
  • Individual pipe length: 18 m
  • Construction period: 2014/2015
Efficient network operation +

The new FGL 02 can now be inspected and maintained by a special robot during normal operation. The renovation also included the installation of fittings that can be controlled remotely by our dispatching headquarters in Leipzig. This provides even more security and reduces expenses in round-the-clock operation.

Construction progress +

Construction of the five km in Brandenburg commenced on 4 March 2014 near the Lauchhammer network point and terminated in June 2014.

The planning approval process took until June 2014 for the construction phase in the Free State of Saxony. The competent regional authority in Saxony received more than 70 opinions. ONTRAS took the resulting restrictions into account during construction. After receipt of the planning approval decision, the renovation activities for the Saxonian section of the FGL 02 started in July 2014. The new pipeline became operational in August 2015.



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